PAGE AUTO inc - 920~496~0496
Page Auto, Inc. was founded in 1981 and has been successfully servicing fine European automobiles, from Audis to Volvos, in Green Bay and the surrounding areas.
We perform high quality repairs, from simple oil changes to diagnosing the toughest electrical problems, and everything in between.
Page Auto’s service technicians inspect, maintain, and repair automobiles that run on gasoline, diesel, or alternative fuels. Service technician’s responsibilities have evolved over the years; from simple mechanical repairs to high-level technology-related work. The increasing sophistication of automobiles requires an individual who can use computerized shop equipment and work with electronic components while maintaining their skills with traditional hand tools.
“I believe in taking the time to get to know both my clients and their vehicles, so I continue to provide the attention to detail my clients deserve. The difference is experience.”
Jim Page, owner, Page Auto, Inc.
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